Mass500 kg
Size100 x 100 x 200 cm
Push/Pull FluidInitiate Push/Pull


The electrolyser is a component that allows the dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen.


The electrolyser requires high voltage energy input and up to 10 kW during operation and will produce linearly proportional according to the amount of available power up to a maximum of 1 kg of water per second with 10 kW of power.

To start the electrolysis process, simply connect a water source to its blue input port. This source can come from a fluid port submerged in water to directly extract water from the sea, for example, or a tank containing water.

The produced hydrogen and oxygen can then be collected respectively from the yellow (H2) and cyan (O2) output ports.


The electrolyser can process up to 1 kg of water per second, providing approximately 0.9 kg of oxygen and 0.1 kg of hydrogen per second.