Mass10 kg
Size75 x 75 x 100 cm


The NavInstrument is a navigation aid component. It offers three operating modes:

  • Flight: Navigation in the environment of a celestial body.
  • Orbit: Navigation in orbit.
  • Locator: Locate object or celestial body.


The NavInstrument requires low-voltage power and consumes 200 watts. Each mode has a unique display on the NavInstrument screen. To switch between modes, simply click on the screen with the F key.

List of inputs

0Locate Celestialtext
1Locate Distancenumber
2Locate Direction Xnumber
3Locate Direction Ynumber
4Locate Direction Znumber
5Forward vector config0 = forward, +1 = up, -1 = down

List of outputs

0Forward Airspeed (m/s)number
1Vertical Speed (m/s)number
2Altitude (meters from sea level)number
3Above terrain (meters)number
4Horizon Pitch-1.0 to +1.0
5Horizon Roll-1.0 to +1.0
6Heading0.0 to 360
7Course0.0 to 360
8Latitude (degrees from -90 to +90)-90 to +90
9Longitude-180 to +180
10Ground Speed (m/s)number
11Ground Speed forward (m/s)number
12Ground Speed right (m/s)number
14Celestial inner radiusnumber
15Celestial outer radiusnumber
16Orbital Speed (m/s)number
17Periapsis (meters)number
18Apoapsis (meters)number
19Prograde Pitch-1.0 to +1.0
20Prograde Yaw-1.0 to +1.0
21Retrograde Pitch-1.0 to +1.0
22Retrograde Yaw-1.0 to +1.0
23Locator Distance (meters)number
24Locator Pitch-1.0 to +1.0
25Locator Yaw-1.0 to +1.0
26Orbital Inclination-180 to +180
27Orbit target Speed (m/s)number
28Orbit target altitude (meters from sea level)number