Mass50 kg
Size50 x 50 x 100 cm
Push/Pull ItemInitiate Push/Pull


The item conveyor is a component that allows moving items from one point to another. It operates by pulling items at the input and pushing them at the output. It can be used, for example, to transport items from one container to another.


The item conveyor requires low voltage power and consumes 100 watts.

It can be configured through its information window accessed with the V key or through its data port. The available options are:

Stack Size0 to 1000000Number of items to move per tick, 0 to move stack by stack
FiltertextAllows whitelisting of items to be moved. For example, if "Wire" is specified, only wires will be allowed to pass
  • The item conveyor can only filter one type of item at a time. If you need to move multiple types of items, you will need to use multiple conveyors.
  • The filter is case-sensitive and cannot have multiple values.

List of inputs

0ON0 or 1
1Stack Size0 to 1000000