Mass1 kg
Size25 x 25 x 25 cm


The Vehicle Physics Sensor is a component that provides information about the vehicle's physics state, mass, size, center of mass, and G-force.


Once placed on your build, the sensor can be connected to a computer to retrieve information about the vehicle's physics. Here are the information you can retrieve:

  • Active Physics: Indicates whether the physics is active or not.
  • Mass: The mass of the vehicle.
  • Size (X,Y,Z): The bounding size of the vehicle.
  • Center of Mass (X,Y,Z): The position of the center of mass relative to the sensor's position.
  • G-force (X,Y,Z): The G-force relative to the sensor's orientation.

List of Outputs

0Active Physics0 or 1
2Size Xmeters
3Size Ymeters
4Size Zmeters
5Center of Mass Xmeters
6Center of Mass Ymeters
7Center of Mass Zmeters
8G-force XG