The Archean Wiki is a good resource for anyone looking to dive deep into the game, providing information on every component and mechanics available.

  • This documentation is still under development, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
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Game Overview

Archean invites you to unleash your creativity alone or with friends in a creative sandbox mode.
Design and build vehicles, bases, rockets, space stations and much more using customizable modular blocks.
Create unique configurations using components, program their behavior and explore an environment free of constraints.
Test your builds, refine your designs and defy the laws of physics.
Archean is a game in development focused on engineering and build.

Main Features

- Advanced Engineering System
Build ground bases, rovers, spacecrafts, space stations, motherships, airplanes... manage their systems, power, fuel, electronics...

- Open world
Do whatever you want, you’re not forced into any specific path.

- Space Sim
This is also a realistic space sim with orbital mechanics, proper space physics and seamless transitions between planets.

- Solo or Multiplayer
Play and build in solo, with your friends or on public servers.

- Ray-Tracing
Our renderer is fully ray-traced using modern RTX technologies.

- First person
This game is meant to be immersive, the optional third person view works fine but is mostly for screenshots.

- Creative mode
Build anything you can imagine, with unlimited resources. A survival mode is planned for the future.

- Ship interiors
Of course, you designed and built it. Please make it look nice!

- Space-legs anywhere
Walk inside your ship, walk on the surface of planets, or float in space.

- Realistic aerodynamics
Aerodynamic forces are realistically simulated based on the shape of your build.

- Realistic planet sizes and distances
You won't ever be able to explore the whole "map".

- Real-time orbital mechanics
Planets and moons orbit each other and you can orbit them at realistic velocities, even while docking on your friend's ship.

- Realistic gravity simulation
Want artificial gravity? You can use constant acceleration or centrifugal forces... just don't vomit in your helmet.

- Travel speeds up to 0.99 C
High relativistic speeds, no artificial limits, just keep accelerating... but don't forget to slow down before crashing into a planet.

- Per-server configuration
Each server make their own rules, star systems and enabled mods.

- Detailed procedural planet terrain
High resolution terrain with fully procedural rocks.

- Water and Oceans
You want to build a boat or a submarine, sure why not!?

- In-game coding
Our own in-game programming language and a more player-friendly Node-based visual programming system.

- Moddable out-of-the-box
If you’re good with C++, we will soon expose an SDK where anything is possible.