The Blueprint Tool allows you to save a copy of an build. Blueprints are saved in the (Client Settings)/blueprints folder in .json format, one per blueprint with it's respective name.

With this system, you can transfer your builds to other worlds or servers, share them with friends or simply duplicate a build.


  • Left-click to scan and save a blueprint of the target build.
  • Right-click to open the interface displaying your blueprints.

To spawn a blueprint, you need to open the blueprint interface and select the desired blueprint.
You can then freely move the selection using a hologram of your selected blueprint. A long left-click will spawn it, while a right-click will cancel the operation and go back to scan mode.

You may also spawn a blueprint on top of an existing build to add the parts to it by quickly pressing left-click before making finer adjustments.
Once you're happy with how it's placed, you can hold left-click for two seconds to permanently spawn it, merged with the target build.

  • If an OwnerPad has been added, you must have the "Build" permission to save a blueprint of the build you're aiming.