Mass10 kg
Size25 x 50 x 50 cm
Push/Pull FluidAccept Push


The reaction control system (RCS) consists of cold gas thrusters primarily used to control the orientation and position of a spacecraft. It is also used for fine adjustments during spacecraft docking. The RCS consists of several small thrusters that can be individually and quickly turned on/off to provide precise control.


The RCS can be powered by various fluids, which will affect its performance depending on their density and pressure. It can be controlled by a computer or another device to adjust the thrust and direction.

It does not perform any kind of combustion.

List of inputs

0Nozzle 0 (Center)0.0 to 1.0
1Nozzle 10.0 to 1.0
2Nozzle 20.0 to 1.0
3Nozzle 30.0 to 1.0
4Nozzle 40.0 to 1.0